The Great Yorkshire Fringe New Comedian of the Year 2017

IMG_2762 [2] 200x200Back for a third year, the GYF New Comedian of the Year is again on the lookout for the best up and coming comedians from Yorkshire and beyond. 

2016's competition was won by Simon Lomas, closely followed by runners up President Obonjo and Stanley Brookes in a hotly contested final MC'd by Mick Ferry.

The competition is open to any non-professional act who's been performing for 5 years or less and entries from character acts, musical acts, and sketch groups are welcome. The only restriction is that all contestants must stick to 5 minutes of original material or risk disqualification.

The registration is now open! 


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Please only state dates you are NOT available between 21 - 31 July 2017. You cannot swap places once assigned a Heat. You must be available for the final on 31 July 2017.

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